Some stayed for a few days, some for weeks, months, or even years. Some came back and left again. Where are they now?  This is page is to let you know. If you know where somebody is, or if you are that somebody, let us know. Send us a photo. We'd all like to know. email us at

For those who have left us and gone to the great top forty station in the sky, we have an In Memoriam section here.

In Memoriam: 
A place to remember those who have left this earthly plane and are now spinning discs or doing news for the heavenly hosts.
In Brief....

Roger Galloway survived a horrible car crash that almost took his life. He is now back on the air as host of the Good Sunday magazine show in Northern AZ. .
Frank Kalil continues as a successful radio/TV station broker operating out of Tucson.
Ray Lindstrom retired to Tucson recently. Forbes Magazine once dubbed him Sultan of Schlock. In 2014
he was inducted into AZ Broadcaster's Hall of Fame. 

 Jim Arnold, member of the Arizona                               Broadcaster's Hall of Fame
 is now retired after final stint as
 owner/manager of KDRI Radio in Tucson.                                       

Lou Waters has retired to
OroValley near Tucson and is a member of 
the city council.   In addition to being a 
KTKT jock, he had a successful career as 
a news anchor at CNN.  (Right)

Phil Richardson retired in Oro Valley, near Tucson.
Special letter from Phil. Phil passed away in 2022. 

Buck Herring is married to Annie Herring, famous Christian singer.

Lee Allen lives in Tucson and is a free-lance writer.

Johnny Williams lives in Hawaii and runs the "where are they now" radio web site 440Satisfaction.

Bobby King (John Driscoll) doing voice overs in LA.

Bob Jones still in Tucson, just retired after a stint at country station KIIM-FM.

John Mack Flanagan was back on the radio doing weekend Beatle shows and voicing for KFRC, San Francisco. He passed away in 2018. Story.

Joe Howe retired in 2000 as 
Judge of the Superior Court 
in Maricopa County. Photo right
with wife Susan in 2006. He 
claims Sedona, AZ and
Verzé, France as his current

                         John C. Scott, one of Tucson's most                                   durable voices passed way in 2023.

                          (John, Left)

Bob Lee, formerly Community Relations Coordinator for Tucson's Belo TV stations; and member of the Arizona Broadcasters Hall , is now retired.(See photo above right)

Frank Casanova owned a large video production
facility in Sacramento, passed away in 2023.
Ron Wiley, after almost 3 decades of work (?) on the islands is now at KONG on Kauai.
Tom Lang, back out of retirement is PD at KGVY in Green Valley.. 
Ed Alexander last gig was Operations Manager for Good News Communications, an Arizona broadcast group that includes KVOI 690. He's now retired.

Lew Riggs hosts Healthwise, a half-hour stint on KNST
790 in Tucson.

Jim Swinehart is retired in Tucson. Most recently he was GM at two TV stations in Kansas City.

Frank Kalil and Ray Lindstrom, 2006.
Frank looks the same, but where'd
Ray's hair go?
L-R: Roger Galloway, Joe Bailey, Ray Lindstrom, 2005.
Joe passed away in 2010.
Roger Galloway and the late Don Hinson, 2004
Gene Adelstein
Michael Hunter
Bernie Perlin
Lee Smith
George Wallace
Tom Wallace
Guy Williams (David Moorhead)
Bob Wolfe
Tim Parker (Billy Joe Eason)
Don Hinson
Tom Wallace, Jr.
Joe Bailey
Dick Nelson
Jerry Stowe
John Rook
Gordon Vann
Johnny Hyde
Roger Collins (Paul Lancaster)
Bill Mortimer
Dan Gates
Chuck Simms
John C. Scott
Frank Casanova
"Lonesome" Joe Howe on his motorcycle with David Lawrence. Two KTKT Alumni from the fabulous 50's.
Photo taken Oct. 25, 2007. 
Bob Lee (Center) with fellow AZ Broadcasting Hall of Fame legends, Jack Jacobson (Jack is now deceased)  (L), Larry Schnebly (R) also deceased..
Right: Phil and Shirley Richardson on their
59th Anniversary (2007).
Shirley passed away 
Mar. 12, 2008.
KTKT Alums recently had coffee together in Tucson...all in red shirts, from left: Jim Arnold, Ray Lindstrom, and Jim Swinehart. In the blue shirt, being interviewed  with the "bottle mike" is Neale Duncan, legendary local ad guy who actually was part of a Junior Achievement project at KTKT in the 1950's. 
Legendary Tucson Broadcasters...
Bill Mortimer (Extreme Left), and Burt Schneider.
During his 50 year career, Bill worked as an announcer/newsman at many Tucson radio stations including KTKT in the 1950's. Sorry to report Bill passed away recently.

Burt is now retired after being the afternoon host KUAZ radio. He started his on-air career at KTKT-FM while in high school in 1957. 
This photo was taken Aug. 21, 2008 in Tucson.
Jim Bednarek's 
last gig was KCEE, 690 in Tucson.

His website.

These Famous People Are Connected to Tucson!
George Scott (George Polka) is retired and living in Vero Beach, FL.  Remember when he had the exclusive death-row interview with serial killer Charles Schmid? 

Bobby Rivers is back in Tucson and sells real estate. website.

Tommy Wright went on to work at sister station KRUX in Phoenix, eventually ended up practicing law for many years and after 5 years of retirement is now a Senior Director at University of Phoenix, living in San Diego.

Dave Nelson and Dick Nelson both were DJs at KTKT in the 1960's. Dave is a retired English professor now in California. Az,  Dick passed away in 2012 after a long and successful  career as an Attorney in California.

Read about the Nelson Brothers HERE
The former Colin Gromatsky, now Kelsang Geden, is a Buddhist monk in Albuquerque. He spent many years as manager of the public radio station at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, NM.

Dave Griffiths (aka: Dave Griffis) got into pro audio  after an on the air stint in the San Francisco Bay area (The Summer  of Love).  30 plus years mixing front of house and running a medium sized touring company, retired, and now living in Salem, Or.

Chris Borden writes: 
"I am now living back in Tucson after a 55 year absence!  I had to leave California for medical reasons: I got sick of it. (Rimshot).  
My email address is"

Below: Recent photo of Chris with his award-winning 1956 VW Beetle.
Recently, a group of former KTKT air personalities got together for coffee and talked about the good old days at Tucson's greatest station. L-R: CJ Brown (author and partner in this website), Bob Lee, Ray Lindstrom, and Frank Kalil.