Here's where we salute the hundreds of non-air personnel who kept KTKT going and number one those many years. These are the folks behind the scenes; the unsung heroes...this is a place for them to be sung (huh?). The managers, sales and traffic people, bookkeepers, receptionists, secretaries, engineers, and others. 
     This list is in no particular order, alphabetical or otherwise, just as they come in. We will try to spell their name correctly, identify their position, list the approximate era they worked, and mention any other thing we can about them that comes to mind. 
Lannie Hartman   Continuity, Traffic  1970's
Phil Richardson  General Manager  1960's  Later became co-owner of KCUB radio.   
Dona Brown  Bookkeeping  1960's   (yes, with one n)
Pat Widiguris  Receptionist  1960's  Lived in San Manuel
Yvette LeBrun  Secretary  1960's   Deceased
Florence Wolnick  Traffic  1960's
Joanie Stokoe  Office  1960's Bought Ray Lindstrom's 53 Ford for $150.
Warren Olson  Sales  1960's  Deceased
Ray Tenpenney  Sales 1960's  Great voice, did a lot of spots. 
Oliver Skramstad  Engineer 1960's 
Shel Engel  General Manager  1970's  Deceased
Mark Schwartz General Manager 1970's, 1980'S 
Lou Cate  Sales 1960's, 1970's  Previously at KGUN-TV  Deceased
Barbara Brummett  Traffic  1960's
David Grauman  Engineer  1960's
H. F. "Huddy" Hudson   Chief Engineer  1960's
Ann Powell   Office  1960's 
Loyal Clark  Sales  1970's
Carmen Ramirez  Receptionist   1970's
Marshall Brown  Engineer  1970's  
Nancy Reynolds  Sales  1970's  Moved to Phoenix and became GM of KOY radio.
Ulrike Vogel  Office  1970's
Carol Sheen  Office  1970's
Jay Zucker   Sales
Larry Normoyle  KTKT Music Survey Delivery Guy  Hit the record stores once a week.
George Alford  Engineer  1960's  Brought his son George jr. with him to the station.
Barbara Abrahams   Traffic Manager   Early 60's
Wayne Costner Sales 1960's  Promo stunt "millionaire" handing out $$$ to strangers at Southgate. 
Leon Appling   Office  1960's  Relative of baseball great Luke Appling.
John Breckenridge Sales 1960  Went to KCUB with George Wallace
Christie Yeoman – Hunt   Receptionist turned sales  1983-1985
Jolene de la Faent (Jolene Hinman) Traffic, Copy  Late 60's    Deceased
Bruce Koehler - Sales Dept. 1977-1979

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Literary license: No computers way back then!