"The JS Mess"
    Jerry was sooo good, he deserves, and gets his own page. For 8 years he was at KTKT. He started doing 12M to 6am in 1960. Soon he was doing days and then drive time. His unique talent, humor, and creativity knew no bounds.

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You wouldn't exactly say that Cecil B. DeMille directed and shot the above home movie footage, but it is remarkable that we have any film at all to commemorate Jerry Stowe's residency in the Emu Cage at the Tidelands Motor Inn in 1960. Click on it and take a look.

The Tidleands Motor Inn had a caged Emu in front of the lobby facing Stone Avenue to attract  attention to the hotel. During the late fall of 1960 the Emu came up missing. KTKT DJ Jerry Stowe  spent more than a week in this cage promoting both the plight of the missing bird and Color Channel 99. It was later determined that UA students stole the Emu as a prank that failed - the bird died. This DVD contains slightly more than a minute of  home movie video from that stunt  that Jerry  has saved.

We're sorry to say that we had news recently of Jerry's passing. He was not only a fine disc jockey but a wonderful person as well. R.I.P. our friend.