by C.J. Brown

     A total of 52 weekly chart images and covers here. Only the issue for Friday Oct 8 is missing. Once special edition here is the "Top 76 for 1976" – was aired on New Year's Eve. Due to the approaching holiday the last weekly chart of the year scheduled to be published on Dec 31 1976 was postponed until Jan 1 1977 it is included with the other 1977 charts.

    The Top 76 of 1976 was printed on the reverse of this Jan 1 1977 chart. This issue had to be expanded to larger page tri-fold in order to accommodate the Top 76.

    All the other regular weekly charts for 1976 continued to be published and debuted on a Friday. Only one 1976 chart has an incorrect date printed on it. The chart dated July 5 should read July 9. All of the 1976 charts are the same style and design that first appeared March 17 1975.   
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KTKT Charts 1976

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