by C.J. Brown

     49 weekly chart and covers are here along the special end of the year chart. Only two weekly issues are missing. The weekly charts started the year being published on Monday. Starting with the issue dated August 15 the day for publishing moved to Friday. Only once chart for 1975 has a bad date – probably on purpose – the issue dated April 1 should be March 31 – April Fool indeed. The chart design and style introduced June 17 1974 continued in use until spring 1975.

   The chart introduced on March 17 1975 was now a single sheet – double sided style - printed on colored paper – the color would vary each week. The chart size was now 3 ½ inches wide and 8 ½ inches long. The same size KTKT used from August 1968 until October 1970. The design was all new with one side devoted to the list of 30 songs and was still called Tucson' Super Hits. A space for Tucson's Top LP's (usually ten) appeared at the bottom of this page. The reverse side changed every week featuring current contests, promotions and events. It seems a trend of bigger and bigger contests – along with many more concerts on a regular basis - started with the debut of these charts.  Occasionally DJ pictures and listing would also appear here.

    Each side of these charts featured the new 99 KTKT Tucson logo at the top. It should be noted this chart design was not used by KTKT sister KRUX as that station recently changed to a all news format.

    One special chart was published this year – the "Top 75 for 1975". This chart appeared on the back side of the December 26 issue – and was aired on New Years Eve and day.   Notice the traditional Top 99 end of the year chart ended this year. The December 26 issue was expanded a to a tri-fold style that opened to a two sided 11 inch wide by 9 inch long size to accommodate the Top 75 of 1975.
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KTKT Charts 1975

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