by C.J. Brown

    48 weekly chart images and covers plus a special end of the year Top 99 for Tucson are included here. Only four issues are missing in action. The weekly charts continued to be published on Monday all year. A total of six charts this year were printed with incorrect dates. The issue dated May 26 should be May 27, The June 4 issue should read June 3, the issue dated June 18 should be June 17, Sept 3 should be Sept 2, Sept 14 issue should say Sept 16 and the Nov 24 chart should be Nov 25.

    The style and design of the weekly chart started off the year being the same as those issued during 1973. But that would change twice this year. Starting with the April 1 issue the familiar tri-fold style went away to be replaced a bi-fold chart that had four pages. When this chart was folded it measured 4 ¼ inches wide by 5 ¼ inches long. All four pages had content. The chart name changed to "Tucson's Super Hits" consisting of 25 songs – down from the previous 30.

    A section was provided for "KTKT New Music" and "Tucson's Top LP's (no cuts listed). The cover carried the new KTKT slogan "Super 99" and featured a different DJ picture and listing each week. This design lasted until the issue dated June 17 was published with a new design. This chart was also a bi-fold type but larger – measuring 5 ¼ inches wide by 6 ½ inches long.

    All four pages contained interesting content. The chart name is now "KTKT Desert Trax". The chart itself – expanded back to 30 songs - was still called Tucson's Super Hits and was placed on the front cover. The following pages had spaces devoted to new music and top LP's.

    In addition the weekly chart now contains sections with a short story about a current artist, a space – sometimes two - mentioning a current KTKT promotion and DJ. Another new feature is a listing of KTKT management including the Station Manager, Program Director, Music Director, News Director and the Chart Editor was added. Another new feature is a weekly column called KTKT Trackin' that gave a real good rundown on what was happening at the station that included promotions and contests, DJ comings and going.  A real interesting and helpful item to those interested in station happenings back then.

    As in previous years the weekly charts would be printed on a different color paper each week. Once again KTKT published a special end of the year Top 99 on Dec 31. Sister station KRUX also used a close copy of this latest style with their weekly charts.

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KTKT Charts 1974

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