by C.J. Brown

    All regular weekly chart images for the year are present and accounted for here. Eight images for 1972 were provided to me by another collector as scans only – and the back cover images for two of these charts are not now available – Feb 29 and Dec 18.

    A couple of special issues were published during 1972.One of these was an "All Time Top 300" chart that aired over the Labor Day weekend. The other special edition was the end of the year Top 99 for 1972 published on Dec 31. KTKT charts were published on Tuesday for the entire year. An unusual chart irregularity occurred on Feb 29 and March 1st. The chart issued Feb 29 – the normal date for publishing - seems to be correct with all the data intact. The Feb 29 issue is one the images given to me with no back cover. For some reason a chart dated March 1- the very next day - after the Feb 29 issue came out that has different data for the number 28 and 30 positions. This March 1 issue also has the Hitbound songs reversed and only two albums listed compared to three on the Feb 29 issue.

    While I have never learned why two charts were published only one day apart that week everything seems back to normal on the following week with the issue dated March 7. The Mar 7 edition references the chart positions of Feb 29 chart in the LW column.

    Moving on to more normal matters the chart publishing day moved from Tuesday to Monday with the chart dated November 27. As for looks the weekly charts started out 1972 the same style and design as 1971 ended – a style introduced earlier during 1971.

    Starting with the March 21 issue the chart style and design changed to a larger two sided sheet that was folded twice by the printer to provide a tri -fold six page fold up style chart. The chart name changed slightly to "The KTKT 30 Hits In Tucson".

    A section for the "Hitbound" songs remained. The Top Albums section remained but changed its name to "Albums & Tapes". Later in the year during September and October the Hitbound section would be renamed "New Music" while Albums & Tapes would change to Album Trax – showing both the LP name and cut(s) played.

    The back covers of the tri fold chart shows KTKT DJ pictures and listings along with various promotional announcements. Once again this same style and design of weekly charts closely matches those published by KTKT's sister station KRUX.

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KTKT Charts 1972

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