KTKT DJ Hall OF Fame


The listings for early 1960 indicate the KTKT line up from late 1959 remains intact.

January 18 1960

7 am sign on – Chris Borden

9 am - Bob Sinclair

Noon - Alan Carroll

3 pm - Frank Kalil to sign off

By early March a line up change takes place as Bob Sinclair leaves KTKT. His 9 am DJ show is taken over by Tom Breneman who had been doing news and a weekend shift previously. Now that the days are getting longer Dave Nelson returns at 6 pm.

March 9 1960

630 am - sign on – Chris Borden

9 am - Tom Breneman

Noon - Alan Carroll

3 pm - Frank Kalil

6 pm - Dave Nelson to sign off

A big change for KTKT during 1960 takes place during mid April 14 as the station begins 24 hour operations. KTKT has been granted authority for full time broadcasting by the FCC using a directional 1000 watt at night. The first few months of the new 24 hour schedule are quite hectic with many changes. During early May Alan Carroll leaves the DJ line up. A major change occurs later in May when morning man Chris Borden leaves. He is replaced by Chris Murray. With the departure of Alan Carroll the morning show with Chris Murray stretches out to 1030 am with Tom Breneman doing a longer midday show from 1030 am to 3 pm. Additions and changes made for nighttime operations early on include a new 6 to 9 pm shift filled by a “Skip” - no last name listed. The new 9 pm to midnight shift is first filled by Alan Jay. After a couple of weeks Skip leaves the line up causing Alan Jay to stretch is show from 6 pm to midnight.  Dave Nelson does overnights from midnight to 6 am for the first few weeks. During June Robert E Lee joins the KTKT staff doing spilt shift. Robert first airs from 1 – 3 pm giving Tom Breneman a shorter DJ shift and also an early evening 6 – 9 pm program which cuts Alan Jay back to 9 to midnight. By early June Alan Jay leaves causing Robert E Lee to do a six hour evening shift from 6 pm to midnight in addition to his 1 – 3 pm shift. Early in June KTKT gets a new overnight man as Jerry Stowe takes over the overnight shift. Early in July Bob Dean joins KTKT to evening shifts. Early August another shake up takes place as Guy Williams replaces Chris Murray in the mornings. Tom Breneman leaves the midday line up. He is replaced by Robert E Lee .Also early in August Dave Nelson returns to a full time shift to do early evenings. The August line up would remain in place for the remainder of 1960. Another new face – Bernie Robbins – joins KTKT late summer 1960 to do news and weekend DJ shifts.

Friday August 12 1960

6 am - Guy Williams 

1030 am - Robert E Lee

3 pm - Frank Kalil

6 pm - Dave Nelson

9 pm - Bob Dean

Midnight to 6 am – Jerry Stowe